All of these stories are true

and have not been embellished.

In the Winter, the stories change – they are as slithy as the surfaces that show them.

Photographs of surface reflections on moving water from the series Surface, Submerge.

© Karen McRae, 2013

60 thoughts on “All of these stories are true

  1. Now I realized, what you try to show is the subject in the flow of time.
    Such as the history — from fossils to the rap-up tree, growing frost or
    flow of the water and its reflection. Even with the double exposure =
    two moments. —- (I’m trying go inside of my mind = opposite direction,
    triggered by the vague image which was stuck to only one moment)

  2. Hello Karen,

    These are stunners! I love the way you bend the boundary between reality and the abstract, just enough to let me know what’s going on and lots of room to dare to dream.

    Thank you for sharing these photos with us.


    1. Sometimes you really don’t know what has happened until later! I thought the snow in the trees might make some interesting reflections but I didn’t want them to be to literal. I like the way these turned out.

  3. Beautiful natural abstracts. Despite the fact that these are still pictures you have captured the feeling of movement and quietly flowing water,

  4. Embellish: Make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features: “blue silk embellished with golden embroidery”. Make (a statement or story) more interesting or entertaining by adding extra details, esp. ones that are not true. I always wonder about this, Karen. I say I like to tell the truth and yet. And I can’t help but embellish these stories you show me, make up stories about what I see. Fabulous stories here!

    1. Anna, I suppose I was indicating that I have not manipulated these images, but they are open to embellishment by the viewer. “blue silk embellished with golden embroidery” – strangely, that seems to apply to this set.
      Thank you.

  5. Karen, These photographs are exquisite. They also reminded me of the color palette that the artist Dorothea Tanning used in some her paintings. Actually I think you were channeling the artist herself in photographs 1 and 3.
    As always artistry at its finest!

    1. Nareen, thank you for your great comment.
      I looked up Dorthea Tanning – I can’t believe I’m not familiar with her work! It’s really wonderful – and I kind of see the correlation in these photographs. I’m happy to know of her work.
      Much thanks!

  6. Karen,
    Glad you checked her out. I think I came across her work eons ago while browsing in the art section of a bookstore. I think soon after that I bought the art book Dorothea Tanning by Jean Christophe Bailly (Publisher George Braziller) because I found her work so captivating, psychologically haunting and beautiful all at the same time and because IMHO the male artists of her time sometimes drown out female artists of her caliber ( I certainly never had an art teacher tell me about her in any of the art history classes that I took. hmm… oversight?) In any case I’m glad I got to introduce one more person like yourself to her work. : )

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