88 thoughts on “Winter Fog

  1. Magical set, Karen. I imagine it can be quite challenging to photograph snow scenes but you always provide new perspectives and variety in your collections. Beautiful.

  2. These are beautiful!! It’s actually supposed to snow here in Georgia tonight which is very unusual. We don’t know what to do with snow lol. I love how the fog and snow blanket the earth in these images. They look so peaceful and warm (even though I’m sure it’s freezing lol). Great post!!

  3. I am enjoying your lovely photos. We are having extremely hot weather and warnings about wildfire dangers. It is good to have a window to a cooler world 🙂

  4. Hey Karen! I liked yesterday’s photograph but these are gorgeous! Another beautiful set! I have actually tried taking foggy images before without success – maybe I will have another go! It’s snowing here tonight! Woo Hoo!

    Take care, Karen!


    1. Hi Jane, it is an interesting/challenging subject to photograph, isn’t it? I’m never really sure how it’s working until I see them large. Thanks for your kind comment.

    1. Thanks, Richard. Yes, the little trees; somehow they survive! We planted a young sugar maple this past fall and I’m looking forward to watching it bud in the spring. Fingers crossed…

  5. Ashley (Syncopated Eyeball) sent me to your “Ghost trees”. Despite my laziness I followed her link and – did not only not regret but even thought I’d leave at least a short com(pli)ment. Chapeau.
    Well, it’s not my first visit, but as written I am lazy. Thus, as this might be my first and last comment: I’ve seen quite a few remarkably impressive photographs, so far. And certainly I shall now and then silently enjoy the fruits of your talent. Chapeau!

      1. Ha, ha, … at least I was not too lazy for putting off my hat twice, hm? Thanks for your kind reply, Karen.
        [Phew! Second comment within two days. Where has my taciturnity vanished to?]

  6. Its incredibly refreshing to see photography that can simplify a landscape down to the essence of its beauty – shapes and shades of black. I also love the intentionally low contrast which adds a sense of serenity and a dreamy quality to the images. These are truly inspiring images and, though I recently discovered your blog, I can tell I will be returning often. Perhaps you would enjoy mine as well: http://tylerschappe.com

    1. Hi Tyler, thank you for your kind comments, much appreciated.
      Your blog is really interesting – and full of lovely images. I guess with the type of work you do you get to enjoy the landscape daily. I will check in with you again.

  7. Winter fog, how I used to wish it to get dispersed and allow the sunlight to reach the ground. But in these photos, that wish would never come true.

    Really great photos, Karen.

  8. Wow – I just love these. They match your seed pod series in so many ways (like the lighting, exposures, ‘feel’), and yet are totally different.

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