Tangled limbs dancing on the gently moving water.

This is very much what it actually looked like through the lens.
The colours are from yesterdays restless clouds and light, the silty bottom of the creek, and the branches and leaves reflected and simmering under the surface. The only post-processing I have done is a bit of cropping and slight level adjustments. And perhaps turning some things on their heads…

Today the leaves are mostly stripped bare and the trees are being thoroughly dampened.

Β© Karen McRae, 2012

52 thoughts on “Tangled

    1. Thank you, Richard. I find it really interesting attempting to blur the boundaries with photography, and watching how things can morph into something you didn’t even intend. It’s such a versatile medium.

  1. Gorgeous!

    I’m filled with the sense, Karen, that one of your gifts as a photographer is that you slow WAY down, because that’s what it takes to notice the things you notice, to see the things you see, ordinary, everyday things that are incredibly beautiful, but so many of us don’t have or take the time to stop and notice them.

    Thank for noticing them for us!

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