White Stuff

I confess that these images are from the archives but it is very much what it looks like out there right now. I will venture out later but as we woke up to -20° Celsius I’m waiting for the mercury to rise a little. Enjoy the last few days of 2011!
All images © Karen McRae

23 thoughts on “White Stuff

  1. That’s a lot of pretty snow. And just look at the last shot. Poor snow holding those thin branches to stay up. But very cool, and interesting. 🙂 🙂

  2. Like the shot of the stump and the contrast of solidity and delicacy. Now get those sorrels on and go out and get a beaver tail. Its only -18 now!

  3. Beautiful. They revived the memories.
    Squeaking sound of the snow on every steps.
    Chilly air going up in the nose and freezing nasal hairs 😀
    (Then having trouble of the condensations on the lens)
    Still, how precious the moment.
    Thank you. You brought back the moment and its atmosphere.

  4. I love them all Karen. They are so well composed. Especially: the 3rd for its shadows, and the last for its delicacy. Thank you for sharing and look forward to your upcoming shots 🙂 Don’t venture outside too quickly – 20 minus is COLD!

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