Real Mail

Don’t you love getting mail? You know the tangible kind that comes in paper form and isn’t a bill. It seems that this is the only time of year where that really happens. And this week I’ve received some really wonderful pieces of real mail.
sent me the original drawing that he did of my profile picture and it is a small finely sketched treasure.
And I’d love to introduce you to The Linoprinter. Today I received a  beautiful handmade card with a Robin print that she had created.This image is taken from her posting here. She is a wonderful artist from Surrey, UK who uses traditional linoleum floor tiles to make amazing lino-cut images. Her blog has lots of information about the process and she also has some beautiful pieces for sale. It is such a treat to find wonderful gifts of art in your mailbox. Oodles of  thanks to both artboy68 and The Linoprinter.
  © of the linoprinter

18 thoughts on “Real Mail

  1. Awesome! They certainly are great gifts. In grade 3, I sent some drawings to a pen pal in Nova Scotia. She sent me photographs back.

    It was great fun, and I’d certainly do it again.

  2. Hi Karen – That is really nice! I remember doing this at high school and creating a vintage car which I was very proud of and printing from it! It’s amazing just what sparks off memories, because I hadn’t thought of that for many years (well, some years – I’m not that old)!



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