Cold Enough

Cold enough for a rebirth of frost.

Shards assembling themselves

like a phoenix rising from damp ashes.

SundogCold enough for all-day sundogs

those almost rainbows – a compass around the sun.

Flow3Cold enough to feel alive

in the bright rays

Flow1in the cadence of the water

Flow2in the crisp beauty.

Cold enough to feel

until you go



© Karen McRae, 2014

99 thoughts on “Cold Enough

  1. Cool photos, Karen.
    Although I heard reference to Sun Dogs before (The Deer Hunter) I never really knew what they were till this post.

    1. Yes, literally cool! : ) Thanks very much, Allen.
      The sundog was quite faint, only truly visible with a polarizing filter, but still sort of neat looking. I included a link in case someone wanted to look it up!

  2. Thank you friend for sharing this article quite interesting, hopefully we all get real happiness yamg rays began to warm our hearts and make the heart glad, when we can share it with sincere to each other. Affectionate greetings from Gede Prama 🙂 🙂

  3. To me, this was like reading and watching music. I don’t know what kind of music, but something light, almost fragile. I think that goes to say that not only are the images and words beautiful in themselves, but something more happens when they come together.

    1. Thanks, Neely. The water was so beautiful – unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod with me so I wasn’t sure the longer exposures would work with my “elbow tripod”, they worked okay but I’ll have to go back in different light.

  4. Hoha! Thank you!! Your lovely words and pictures of the cold do my heart warm… 🙂 Talking about living strong in all feelings, also the cold, feel strong – LIVE! Have a wonderful day today! ❤

  5. Karen, Not only stunning images of cold, but a beautiful presentation of them along with your words. The first frost image looks like a landscape in ice crystals. Beautiful post.

  6. Oh it’s MORE then cold enough for me, I’m wishing for the heat and humidity of summer when I wake up to -6C here with wind that feels like razor blades cutting through you.
    Excellent images Karen but looks cold.

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you very much.
      No, I don’t see a comment from you for that particular post. Maybe it ended up in the spam folder?
      I think that would be okay if you want to include that post in the Woven Tale Press.
      Please feel free to email me at with the details. Thanks for your interest!

  7. The photographs of the river are beautiful Karen. Your images have been a great encouragement to get out into our unusually bitter temperatures to look for the beauty that only appears below zero. Thank you!

  8. Great details and Japanese style framing. The water is captured well, looks soft and almost has a painterly feel, especially if one can notice the figures.

  9. The first four shots with the icy “trees” are outstanding, but the following ones starting with the bird in the sundog and following with the cold enough texts/pics make me feel confortably numb!

  10. Not sure I can express anything that others haven’t said already, but wanted to say how beautiful and poetic your work is. I’ve really enjoyed looking through some of your posts.

      1. Yes, my birthday. I wanted to see did you make a photos then 😉 Nowadays in Poland winter is usually bad… Not much snow, only fog and smog… (although I like fog!)

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