74 thoughts on “Fluid Limbs

  1. Reminds me o work my friend used to do.. Great great stuff. Out of my comfort zone for sure…

      1. Hahaha yes, eek! No, I’ve never been much of an artist in the sense that I like to find things nature made for me- I wouldn’t know where to start

  2. Beautiful Karen!

    I have left a link below for you to look at. it is the website of an old professor of mine who I deeply admire. her work is all portraiture shot through water (no double exposures). A lot of them are actually self-portraits, and those ones are my favorite. I hope you enjoy taking a look: http://www.laureljohannesson.com/

  3. I love your impressionistic experiment.
    Now you are invading Edgar Degas territory with much more cool
    transparent sensuous expression. Very Beautiful.

  4. What joy I always feel when I notice an email from your blog in my mailbox.. the excitement is realised with this shot of a mermaid skimming along the bottom of the lake.. just gorgeous Karen.. you have excelled yourself again..

  5. Stunning image Karen – as someone else said always wonderful to see a new post from you – I love the double imaging it is something I try to capture in drawing but not very successfully – you have achieved it colour, light and movement – I could say my envy but I just enjoy looking too much. Thank you.

  6. Bonjour Karen ,

    Limpide est clair en soi , ce beau reflet prend sens ,
    Au fil de différences , dont la nuance au delà ,
    Unit en l’arbre roi , deux bras fuyant l’enfance ,
    Pour une nouvelle alliance , sur les rives de la foi.
    Amitié 😉

  7. She reach for the tree top. The tree top reach for her. I believe she got it, or it got her. She’s safe.
    The picture represent a wonderful play on perception of direction and dimension.
    Delicately complex, poetically beauty. It gives great pleasure to look at. And the northern blue is just amazing!

  8. Beautiful image, Karen, and thank you for explaining something of your techniques – it really is helpful, giving me ideas, which is not something I’ve found a lot with many others’ blogs. Adrian

  9. Karen,
    Love this image. It’s just beautiful! I can just imagine how it would look if enlarged. The whole concept of the water, trees and woman combines perfectly. A wonderful image to behold.

  10. Gorgeous work, Karen. You’ve captured your model and the surrounding landscape w/ such a lovely, ethereal feeling. I share your reactions also re: all this rain!

  11. Double exposures keep on calling my name, for a year or two now, but my camera won’t allow. Maybe I will have to go back to one of the dusty film cameras and see if I can get them to do it.

    1. I hope you do that! I’ve been meaning to shoot some film too.
      I do love the surprises that double exposures bring, and the challenge of trying to figure out how things will layer.

      1. It seems very complicated, the seeing in advance part. Have you seen those film swap websites where people shoot a roll of film and then send it to another person that shoots over it? Some terrific results. I think redscaling is part of their process, not one I have a clue about.

      2. I have seen some of that work, the results are quite amazing! Yes, I don’t know anything about that either but it would be interesting to do a little more research.

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