We’ve been having bits of rain today. It is a sweet relief for a parched land with cracking earth, wilting trees and low rivers. The mudflats stretch on and on like a low tide.
I rarely insert myself into the landscape but today I felt part of it.

Ottawa River

All images © Karen McRae

66 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I love rain! On a side note, those are the coolest gumboots (on your feet). They have so many different names, i don’t know what you guys call them.

  2. Nice to see you 🙂 I didn’t enjoy this post quite as much as I usually enjoy your work Karen probably because it’s been grey and raining for most of the last 4 months here in the UK so I’m a bit tired of looking at it 😦

  3. The river has been incredibly low this year – what a relief to get such a downpour! We were out hiking in Gatineau Park when it came down – such a relief to come home and find the garden got a good drink while we were away!

  4. wonderful images!
    These photographs look like quiet tales, and drawings that have a nostalgic atmosphere. Especially I like the 7th and the 11th photographs.

  5. And what a glamour you are in your wellies and LBD! I suspect that neither you nor your camera can take a bad shot! I love the b&w in these. Glad you are enjoying your rain. I think we must have lent some to you … it’s a bit drier here … hmmm 🙂

      1. yeah, we fluked it! Today as well. Summer has finally – maybe – arrived. For the last three weeks! hahaha! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous stretching spaces..Love the arc of your silhouette in the last one – you are Home. 🙂

      1. It is one of the terms that makes a Canadian west coast dialect – derives from the Chinook trade language that was used widely by First Nations and early settlers too since there were many dozens of indigenous languages, many not related at all. In fact, BC has more indigenous linguistic diversity at the different levels of language relatedness (superfamily to dialect) than all of Europe.

  7. I love how the black & white brings out the different textures of sand, sea, sky. You worked beautifully with the vast amounts of space in this landscape.

  8. Inserting yourself in the landscape was a good thing, I love that gum boot shot, as well as the last shot posted…you DO look part of the landscape, in a very thoughtful way!

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