Long Days and Tall Grass

Untitled_MapleFly(Untitled. Oil, graphite and Conté on Mylar)

It’s the first day of summer here and it feels like a true summer day with gently swaying grasses in the sunshine and strange insects in the garden.


Swaying-Grasses-2[The first image is a painting/drawing in progress (I never know whether to call my pieces paintings or drawings – I guess they are both) and the other two images are photographs made with camera movement.]

© Karen McRae, 2013

85 thoughts on “Long Days and Tall Grass

  1. These three images just speak of summer. I love the top drawing/painting – I have not worked on mylar in a long time but it sure does some strange and beautiful things. Excellent!

  2. Whatever you call it, it’s a really arresting image – I really like the playful wrongness of it. And the way it works in combination with the photographs – it seems unusual that the drawing/ painting should be the hard edged partner.

  3. omg, not only do you take some of the most beautiful photos I ever see, you draw and paint so well too. I just love your work and always look forward to your posts.

  4. Great pics! You can draw with paint but painting by definition can only be done with paint. Then again, we talk about painting with light and tapestry weavers have often been described as painting with wool – so maybe definitions should be ignored, again! 😉

  5. Beautiful Karen! The photographs and the painting work so well together…your photos often look like paintings to me…complex, delicate and lovely…

  6. What fun to see your drawing/painting ! I never know what is a drawing or what is a painting. I think Andy came up with it is whatever your intent was for that piece. And yes I agree with Richard-interesting to see the photos not being the hard edged companion piece to a painting. Right now I’m working on a painting/drawing about 4 feet. It’s both.

  7. I always look forward to your posts and am never disappointed in the least. The dragonfly/maple seed/root creature is fascinating. The grasses are masterful. How fantastic it would be to have huge prints made and hang them in a gallery, each on its own wall. I could live there. Brilliant.

  8. All three gorgeous. And that first one is a real surprise. I didn’t know you had that visual element to your work; drawing/painting. Very beautifully done!

  9. It’s amazing how you are able to work with different medias and the result always has you clear signature and style. You very impressionistic expression is always so interesting and beautiful, as is the case for the pictures here. I am not sure which one is my favourite, because I like them all for different reason. Just excellent work.

  10. Your painting is so beautiful Karen and the two photos are pure beauties, I really love it !

  11. I particularly like the painting. The delicate ‘feel’ of the work is very similar to much of your photography – and it speaks to me!

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