In Progress

RiverStories1River Stories 1, oil, Conté & etching on Mylar

I don’t know where this might end up (messier, maybe – it seems too colourful, it bores me …) but it is what I’m wrestling with at the moment. Well, we’ve been wrestling for a while. Slippery fish.

© Karen McRae, 2014

32 thoughts on “In Progress

  1. It seems you are playing with psychological layer this time.
    I like the gradual change of the tone. Still puzzling with scratch like lines — is there any
    figure hidden ? ? ? 🙂

  2. This is gorgeous, Karen! I love the subject, colors, composition, rendering. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for posting.

  3. Not surprising at all that this piece shares the delicacy, the textures, the luminosity, the color palette of your photographic work. Nature reigns, water waves and it’s all beautiful.

  4. It has a lovely concept which I like, I know what you mean about the colour, it is as if it does not need it, it distracts the eye from the scene and is ?? ….. I tried on the ipad to play with different effects and thought a colder bluer temperature less saturated effect could work. IMHO of course, I presume you wanted feedback of all kinds . Please ignore if not 😉

    1. Yes, the colour bothers me! It’s much easier to make a photograph less saturated. Thank you for taking the time to analyze and comment, Lesley, I appreciate it! It will definitely change somehow…

  5. Nice to see some crayon! I sort of feel the same I think, with the colour ( thinking about other of your work…more softer colouring, for as far as I have seen that is) The yellow… it makes me think of making your own paint as I did a couple of years ago. Using seashells. Things I would find in and along water sides, and crunching them to fine sand and then ad Linz oil. And so…thinking about this one, ‘the river story 1’. If I would have it in my hands I would add a thin layer of ‘white’ (home made with linz) paint covering the whole thing and therfor make it a bit softer. But then..who am I. Just another blogger/wrestler writing some random thoughts.
    I still think it’s lovely though, Yes!
    Cheers Karen

    p.s. Very nice new profile image you have

    1. It’s very interesting that you suggest softening it with a thin layer of white – I was considering that! I like working in thin layers of paint, and sometimes I even sand down places in a painting with sandpaper, which I’ve also considered. I’ll do more work on it this week and see what happens.
      Thanks very much for your feedback, Belinda, it’s kind of you to take the time to consider the possibilities. I appreciate it!

      I’m glad you like the profile image, I thought it was time for a change….

    1. Thank you, Distan. It’s 76cmX 101cm (30×40 inches), a good size. I meant to add the dimensions actually, I find it interesting to to know how large a piece of art is, too, it puts things in context more.

  6. Oh, stop wrestling, Karen! It’s beautiful. I love the softness and the fluidity of the colours, and the depth of the image as well. It’s so poetic, and luminous, like your photos.

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