Grainy Black and White in Infrared

Awhile ago I posted some photographs that were taken with infrared film. The images below were also made with infrared. If you like black and white with lots of grain this type of film will give you just that. As this film sees different light than the eye does you get a mysterious, ethereal quality to a landscape photograph. You can see the previous post here – Seeing (Infra)Red.
All images © Karen McRae

14 thoughts on “Grainy Black and White in Infrared

      1. It’s a long story — originally, I came to the west as a drifter >>>
        and twist and the trurns in the life, since, I’ve been away from Japan such a long time, I don’t think my old possessions are still there. (My brothers and sister are still live though I don’t think they bothered to keep my old film kind.) —–( One of the mountain hut where I was a voluntaly keeper was like this)

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