77 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I’d like to take this as an humor though,
    it seemed to have pretty deep symbolical notion or irony 😉
    (Some what common with your love for the fossils).
    I very much like it.

  2. Could be interpreted in several ways… the 2 working together or against each other.. The top one is saying.. don’t think you’re going to put that nest on MY branch !
    Whatever way you interpret it.. I like it very much.. very original Karen

  3. Love it K. Fascinating background, colouring around the birds and light. And of course the composition is neat. You know that Di has thing about ravens?

    We should chat, toss me an email.

  4. Karen,
    Reminds me of a couple moving furniture around the house with the woman saying ” a little to the left… ok now a little to the right. Hmm, maybe it would look better in another tree…. : )
    love the concept of two paintings telling a story and the colors are just lovely. What a treat to see some of your paintings!

  5. You are a person of many talents Karen! When I first saw this, I smiled. Simple as that! Lovely!

  6. Just wonderful, Karen. So nice to see your drawings – they carry the same spirit that I see in your photographs.

  7. Lovely to see your drawings, which I think you were posting more of when I first discovered your blog. I like the way the images can work just as well together or alone.

  8. …and crows are intelligent creatures. Did you know that they speak with words inflected, glotally. David Suzuki presented a documentary about crows not too long ago. I love the concept you created, and the talent it shows.

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