Tiny Transitions

There are more “mosaic” seed heads (see previous entry) I think I might post but this icy flower image was taken a day later – the day after the freezing rain. The temperature had dropped significantly and that made things look quite different.
The ice is shaped by these fluctuations.

A tiny world of rapid change.

© Karen McRae, 2012

Mosaic: Iced Seed Heads

Mosaic8This morning we had freezing rain and I headed out to photograph the same seed heads in my garden that I’ve been documenting over the fall. As the day wore on and the temperature crept over the freezing mark the ice started to change, and then things really started to look interesting. The transitions in nature are just so fascinating.

Mosaic3If you are interested in the seed head series you can see it here, and there is more iced flora here.

© Karen McRae, 2012

Winter’s Dust 2

A flutter in the chest. A small bird, caught inside. Almost weightless in its restlessness. Almost. At times nestled in, curled up, resting. At times. A flutter in the chest. Wing-beats and sharp feet. Pulchritude and ache in equal measure. Almost.

© Karen McRae, 2012

Reversing Light

Wishing there was a bit more time and light in a day to fit in all the possibilities.

These were taken with natural light, but in my studio, rather than outside. The background is a smudgy black chalkboard.

*Addendum: My mother just sent me an email asking “isn’t there anything else you can photograph?” Perhaps it’s time to change the subject… =)

© Karen McRae, 2012


I’m just working through some images for printing and I realize that each time I look at the above image it makes me think of a little bird’s nest on a spindly stick – small seeds in winter coats nested inside.

It’s interesting to me how once an idea like that is planted in my mind, it seems I always reference that image the same way. I no longer see it for what it actually is.

In the image below, I always imagine it to be the face of a rabbit. That’s what immediately came to mind the first time I looked at it and that idea has stuck.

Alright, back to work. I’ve run out of words…

© Karen McRae, 2012

The Pull of Light

It’s difficult to resist going out on a bright Autumn day when so many of these are coloured grey.

There are other things that need doing.

I try to push away the urge pick up my camera but the light becomes important. Important, because it moves so rapidly through the sky. The light is in a race with the dark hours and these days the dark is winning.

But outside there is the sound of crisp leaves shuffling in the breezes. The gentle coo of the mourning doves. Cool air and frosted grasses. And did I mention sunlight?

Who could resist?

© Karen McRae, 2012