I’m just working through some images for printing and I realize that each time I look at the above image it makes me think of a little bird’s nest on a spindly stick – small seeds in winter coats nested inside.

It’s interesting to me how once an idea like that is planted in my mind, it seems I always reference that image the same way. I no longer see it for what it actually is.

In the image below, I always imagine it to be the face of a rabbit. That’s what immediately came to mind the first time I looked at it and that idea has stuck.

Alright, back to work. I’ve run out of words…

© Karen McRae, 2012

42 thoughts on “Perceptions

  1. Ha ha! That’s the curse of the creative, Karen. I love both images. The subjects are obvious and yet they feel so magical.

  2. That’s remarkable – the second image really does look like a rabbit. (A kind of supernatural one.) They’re both beautiful shots and visual memes (if such a thing is possible).

  3. I hadn’t noticed the rabbit! Now I definitely do!! It’s almost annoying to me when that happens to me with my own work, I try to go back to that feeling I had the first time about it, and I never can – i suppose that’s why exhibitions and things are so important as we have an opportunity almost to relive or re-engage with the work in some way..I am sooo excited that you are beginning printing btw… 🙂

    1. It’s difficult to get those ideas out of your head on they are planted.
      It’s a different experience once they are printed. Cath, I’ve been printing on watercolour paper, which I really like for certain images. Thank you.

      1. It really is a whole different world to explore when you begin printing isn’t it – I’ve just started thinking about this myself.. Are you printing from home? I find the options dizzying!

  4. I have noticed that my ideas get planted in a place, too. When I wash the dishes, I have the same thought I did last time. Painting a room, I will circle around and when I get back to where I started, I will pick up the thought I was having. When I slice garlic, I remember the same friend, and brushing my daughter’s hair, I remember another. I wonder how ideas get buried in views or actions. It is very strange.

    1. I completely know what you mean. It’s as though certain thoughts get left somewhere waiting for you to come back to them.
      Often, when I come back to reading a book, my eyes go right to where I left off without my even thinking about it. I’m always amazed by this.

    1. Marina, I do enjoy abstracting things a bit – seeing what I can find in something that I don’t expect. Thanks for enjoying the process with me – I appreciate it! =)

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