Winter’s Dust 2

A flutter in the chest. A small bird, caught inside. Almost weightless in its restlessness. Almost. At times nestled in, curled up, resting. At times. A flutter in the chest. Wing-beats and sharp feet. Pulchritude and ache in equal measure. Almost.

Š Karen McRae, 2012

62 thoughts on “Winter’s Dust 2

  1. Karen – how do you create this stunning beauty every time? I’m in awe, honestly..just perfect and heartbreakingly lovely.

    1. That’s an interesting comment, Louis.
      No, I don’t weep when I look at my own work – but sometimes I feel very connected to it.
      You likely feel the same about your work, no?

      1. Yes, I understand well the feeling of connection, but I seldom produce anything that comes near the sublime beauty that is the hallmark of so much of your work.

  2. Another set of wonderful pictures. Very delightful and graceful. In a way very simple but at the same time very expressive. My favourite is the forth in the row for it’s more complex composition. The use of shallow depth of field is nothing short of great.

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