26 thoughts on “Autumn Roadside, Two Ways

    1. These are photographs made in a moving car, with the camera moving too. I was attempting to track the subjects as we whizzed by. It makes for unexpected images for sure!

  1. Oh I absolutely love these, Karen, but, contrary to my usual tastes, I think I prefer the coloured versions, and especially the one showing the tree’s trunk. Adrian

  2. And I will go for the first one in black and white, and the second one (tree trunk) in color! Just because! Do you know the book, Passenger Seat? Julieanne Kost. For me, you’re more the artist and she’s more the technician, but the book is interesting to read. I am always inspired by your images.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for your feedback! I think you might be right. : )
      I didn’t know the book Passenger Seat but I did google it – wow, the images are very much like my ‘drive-by’ series.
      So interesting! Thank you for pointing it out to me.

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