Hanging Memories on Ribbons

A couple of years ago around this same time of year I came across this small tree decorated with a few shiny baubles on gossamer ribbons. It was a season of snow and cold, which this year emphatically, is not. At least, not so far. This particular tree, I think, is planted in a public space in memory of someone and those ribbons and balls were most likely filled with warm thoughts and tender memories . It seemed such an intimate and lovely gesture in an unlikely space and at the time I thought the best way to photograph the scene was through camera movement. One small gesture for another.

© Karen McRae, 2015

22 thoughts on “Hanging Memories on Ribbons

  1. Such a delicate and beautiful thing. It feels like a memory or a ghost, which if I’m very still and quiet, is exactly what this holiday season can feel like, too. Lovely.

  2. What a beautiful post, Karen!
    We wish you and yours, much joy and peace this festive season and through the year ahead.
    Warm greetings,
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri & Selma

  3. Your image and words are very moving, Karen. Thank you for your beautiful impressions of the world around you. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous 2016.

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