84 thoughts on “Just Play

  1. I wish more people understood the value of play

    I wish more people valued canoes and leaves in the sunlight and solitude

  2. I’m desperately trying to ignore the tiny flashes of yellow leaves I see every so often. This summer went by way too fast! Great shots.

    1. They are layered with water reflections so I see why you would get that sense. I always think these little pixie cups look like they should grow underwater…
      Thanks, Anna.

  3. These are beautiful images – and something that I know nothing about – in this land down under! We are waiting for the sweet whispers of warm summer air but I am sorry that means plunging you back into the cold – where has the last six months gone?

    1. Thank you, Veronica.
      Time does move swiftly, I think because there is so much to to! I actually love autumn and enjoy winter – but the warmth of the spring and summer are always welcome by the end! (It’s the short daylight hours that I find discouraging!)

  4. I was just saying to Pete: summer would be starting to close now if we were in Britain, can you believe it? neither of us could. Sorry. 🙂 hehehe xxx

  5. Stunning photos, Karen. I love the golden light coming through slightly in the third picture. And of course, I could not help but think of jewellery (2nd picture).

  6. Karen, these are totally wonderful and amazing. The macros alone would have been something to behold, but have made a great deal more out of them than I could imagine. Total love for these!

    1. I’m sort of enamored with pixie cup lichen! I’m glad you like them, they are layered with some water reflections – for some reason these lichens remind me of sea anemones …

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