45 thoughts on “Fenced In

  1. These are beautiful as always. I love the centring of the middle vertical image between the two horizontal ‘landscape’ movements.
    Such a storytelling essay here of movement and mysterious discovery. I love the veil-like feel of the ‘awaiting’ image.

    1. Hi Steven, thank you. I like the way these work together but I’m starting to bore myself a bit with this series – I think I need to shake things up a bit! Hmmm..

    1. Sometimes making up words feels right. Thank you!
      The settings are 1/80s at f8, ISO 100. I was focusing on a specific part of the landscape and the movement gives a bit of a ‘slice of focus’.

  2. Just beautiful. That middle one looks like a gelatin print (the relief kind, not the photography kind), all layered silhouettes and looking through. Inspiring.

  3. Your images always make me stop and say ‘wow’! I especially love the one on top. Drive-by photography is one of my favorite pastimes. Yours are inspiring.

  4. I really enjoy your creative eye and mind, Karen. The middle image has such an interesting mysterious quality. It feels as if you can reach in and separate the vertical lines to reveal something unknown.

  5. Apt title. Since i’ve been aware of your photography, you have been constantly, relentlessly and very creatively demolishing the boundaries between various art forms. You are un-fence-innable. I stand in awe.

  6. Love these, Karen. The middle one really grabbed me. It’s like being in a dark room with thin curtains with the light coming in through plant life. Cinematic is the word I think I’m looking for. I can imagine the ‘curtains’ and the light gently shifting.

  7. I really like your layered images, Karen, and the movement in many of your photographs. I teach photography to high school students and I plan to have them visit your site to see what you are doing.

  8. Wonderful shots, Karen … I particularly love the central one, that’s a special image. It’s not easy to shoot icm/me and get it to work so well but you got it just so. Accomplished and beautiful.

  9. Love the top two here, Karen. The letterbox at the top works better than the broader crop below, its focuses my eye more on the subject.. And the middle shot is simply gorgeous – beautiful colours, tones and textures. Adrian

  10. I really love how you’re exploring this Karen! It’s inspiring how you work around an idea and look into all the corners of it. Have to admit these make me feel a little carsick…! But I love them all the same, the dizzy mix of dancing and stillness..

  11. When I first saw the central image, my thoughts were immediately of Emily Carr. Gloomy, deep, mysterious nature.

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