The River’s Edge





At-the-Edges3The river ice is breaking up slowly. Shifting a little everyday in the sun and wind and really coming open where there are strong undercurrents. I was a little surprised to see this snapping turtle floating at the frayed edges of the ice, able to lift its head for air but otherwise shifting with the water like a piece of driftwood, too cold to move. It’s been a long winter for everybody and spring has been tentative. We have land now, though. Earth, mud, grit and weathered grasses. The snow is mostly gone, we are just waiting on the river…




© Karen McRae, 2014

134 thoughts on “The River’s Edge

    1. Thank you, yes, a little colour showing up now!
      It’s been mostly cool/cold but we have had one summer-like day this week, followed by a chilly little snowstorm the next day.
      It well, it will come!

  1. The forms and colors are exquisite! Also the vast expanse of infinite beauty. You’ve managed to capture an energy in the transition of the river/season that is powerfully compelling.

  2. Karen, I don’t know, these places might actually exist, however I have a very strong feeling that you created them, to the last molecule! For that , I am grateful! 🙂

  3. as always stunning images Karen – and agree wholeheartedly with Marina above – this river of ice is so far removed from anything I have ever seen – very evocative.

  4. Cool! It’s hard to imagine the winter in that part of the world I heard so much about until I see photographs.

  5. Beautiful images.
    I think most people living in locations like yours are especially glad to see signs of Spring this year. Makes one wonder if this harsh winter is going to repeat itself or be a ‘once off’.

  6. I can’t believe you still have snow and ice! Though they do make for wonderful images. But such a long, long winter for you. I wish a beautiful flowering spring for you soon.

    1. We’ve lost most of the snow and ice the last couple of day now. It seems like it happened all of a sudden even though the spring was so slow. There are little purple flowers peeking through the earth too. Thank you, Lee.

    1. Thank you, Helen. The river is always a little yellowish but perhaps the runoff in the spring gives it a deeper colour. I’m not exactly sure what causes the colour, that’s a good question!

  7. Beautiful, Karen. I love the colors and the reflections of the trees in the water/ice. Many promises of spring.

  8. This is gorgeous, Karen. It’s remarkable how bright subtle color can be in the right image. The textures are so sensual as well. Beautiful work, as always.

  9. Gorgeous colors. I truly love the warmth the earth tones bring into those cold scenes. The complexity of some scenes make me wanting to see those photography printed big and presented to me in a silent room with no one disturbing my viewing pleasure. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Roland. I wonder if they were printed very large if you would feel like you were there. The melting ice always seems so beautiful to me.

      1. I am sure a careful selection of the print material could further help to translate the two dimensional photograph into a truly perceivable “reality”.

  10. Look at you! Freshly pressed! So well deserved. I love that even more people will get to dive into your stunning imagery.
    The second one is like a favorite Andrew Wyeth painting, which means you somehow achieved realism and dreamscape, all at once. Sigh. So lovely.

  11. These are stunning.. for a second, I actually thought the third and fourth picture were painted… they’re really gorgeous, you must be so pleased with them!

  12. Great photography! A lot of these look like paintings instead if photographs. I want to think that this is the St. Lawrence River.

  13. Marvellous! The colours, the cracks and the shift all exhibit the lust of longing, especially the turtle, who is floating away in anticipation. Glad I came across such gorgeous post. Many thanks and congratulations!

  14. I love your last two shots. The sencond to the last is a delightful, serence shot that reminds me of the sea…one of my favorite places to be. The last shot, thought taken from a moving car perhaps, has an interesting play of water on a window that looks like birds in the sky! I love it.

  15. I really love the composition of the ice breaking apart, it makes the river look so abstract. It makes me wish there was a river in my town that I could photograph! Nice shots!

  16. You set a high standard that I’m going to try to learn from in my ice pictures next winter. Thank you so much for the light.

  17. Karen, I always look forward to your posts! I love all these, and especially #5 – like a Monet painting (beautiful pairing of yellows and blues) – and the last one: a perfect reflection; there is a lot there to think or dream about.

  18. A hot weather in India really brings out the solace and peace of mind to see the subtle snow surpassing season and spring rejuvenating the natural cycle of life. Thank you for such wondrous photos!

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