It’s Better (and colder) In Real Life


I can’t resist the call of the river, even at (especially at?) -25c. The way the cold transforms the landscape is always captivating and I especially love visiting the places where the water runs fast and manages to defy the freezing temperatures. It can be difficult to truly capture the majesty of the winter wonderland but perhaps that is part of what keeps me coming back.






Karen McRae, 2015

64 thoughts on “It’s Better (and colder) In Real Life

  1. Fantastic pictures. Where I live, it was just rainy today. A real winter like that has become rare here. I don’t really like the cold, but at least such winter weather can be extremely beautiful (the wet-cold weather we are having here in Germany at the moment is just terrible).

    1. Ah, there are things to love about winter (and things to grumble about too…). Thank you, Marina! I think the cold and snow makes one appreciate all the other seasons even more.

  2. I commend you, Karen, for braving the chill and capturing this incredible winter beauty. I am drawn to the image of the rushing water of the river. I’m feeling a little chilly right now… great set.

  3. Golly! Beautiful karen! The last one looks like a lovely picnic area – except for one thing … Maybe I will come back in spring🌿with my picnic basket. It is sooooo hot here, record temps, as usual, which sounds impossible but the weather keeps setting new ones 🌞🌞🌞… phew … hot!

  4. Having absolutely no concept of -25 degrees I can only admire and applaude your fortitude Karen. These photos capture another world and are hauntingly beautiful.

  5. As I have said before; I love your river and riverbank brush photos. However, these are simply magnificent. Somehow you have captured the waves and seem to have frozen them in place. I was mesmerized. I had to look and study them and look again. And I bet that there is a little rabbit hiding somewhere in the frozen brush. Thank you for capturing our imagination with your work.

  6. what you wrote is clearly expressed ,for that I like to taste the experience of this work. It is not only beauty or wonderful that makes a work good or to be liked .

  7. Oh wow Karen, your photographs are dream-like landscapes of gorgeous light and snow. Missed your work, this series is incredible.

  8. Beautiful images, the second one from the top is very captivating. Myself, I have a very hard time getting out in the cold so my time on the street is limited at this time of year. Very brave of you to just get out and ignore the cold.

  9. I think part of the draw of situations like this, which you photograph so well, is the attack on all your senses, especially the feeling in the air – in this case, extreme cold. When you’re at a waterfall, the incredible noise adds a lot, when in the desert or tropics, the heat, etc. It’s a visual feast for sure, but the impact on one’s body is very strong too.

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