73 thoughts on “Swallow the Sky

  1. This one could illustrate a poem about a romantic death (if there is such a death), or perhaps the peaceful but mystic end of something. Or it’s a subtle announcement of something still to come. What a rich image!

  2. I see the followers of the light; a child, and a man who lived the three stages of life and are finally free after their physical death which is their spiritual rebirth.

  3. Karen – do you have an agent? You need to find one that will help you mount a show – these images are too gorgeous – really- seriously – you have such range and scope – from the burlap – still my faves- to the micro to the new abstract – seriously beautiful graceful special brilliant ART! K

  4. Karen, this series of swallow shots is wonderful and this is my favourite so far – it really looks like a painting. The combination with those blurred grasses works extremely well, and especially so having the bird with its wings most spread in the left of that gap in the grasses. Adrian

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