Great-Blue-HeronAll those birds great and small…

A great blue heron silhouetted on the budding branches. I love this time of year.

The low hum of spring is now a cacophony of migrating birds sounds. Just in time for World Migratory Bird Day (There’s a day for everything!).

© Karen McRae, 2014

31 thoughts on “Returning

  1. Beautiful photo. Reminds me, I saw a hawk in flight up close from underneath the other day while I was driving. Nature doesn’t have to do much to be beautiful, does it?

  2. Beautiful photo and thoughts. Ethereal, and capturing the moment. I like the yellow-green of the willow buds in front of the heron. (They are willows, aren’t they?)

  3. I love herons and you captured this one in a beautiful setting, Karen. It’s always a pleasure to watch nature through your lense. have a great weekend!
    Love, Dina

  4. I’ve never seen an image of a heron in a tree before. Either flying or low on the ground. This image, with that curved branch, seems like a long time ago, maybe old Europe. Maybe Brueghel is at the base of the tree mixing paints. Love the atmosphere you have engendered.

  5. Just lifting the head and letting the eyes wander… captured by the branches and greeted by the heron. Yes, it’s simple, it’s mundane (sort of). And this is where the deeper beauty begins to show. I like it good.

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