71 thoughts on “Somewhere Along the Way

    1. Thank you, Kat. I intended to post it by itself but somehow it had more impact (to my eye) surrounded by other images. Curating work is an interesting process. Do you too spend a long time looking at how to arrange images and how they relate to one another? Sometimes I wonder if I over-analyze these things but I can’t seem to stop!

      1. YES! I use the Preview button a lot to see how everything looks in relation to each other and I go through many draft revisions before I hit Publish. Have been trying to push myself to be faster, less particular, but can’t seem to let it go…(closet control freak…) 🙂

  1. No snow on the Wirral! I like the triptych. As everyone else has said already the middle picture has a tangibly elemental sense of motion. Putting it in the middle position creates a contrast of different stillnesses between the three. I like the colour transition between the three too.

  2. I love the sense of motion and movement in these photographs and the story of anticipation that they tell…. at least to me.

  3. Lovely, especially the middle image.
    Reminds me of swinging around a merry-go-round with the scenery flashing fast around me.

  4. I like reading all the comments. They tell a story ,too. The second one is very nice but I do have to admit I like those fluffy birds and the green and grey combination.too.

  5. I really love these pictures, Karen, and when I look at them and ask myself why, I think it may be because they all have a combination of reasonably clearly seen subjects (or, at least, “objects out front”) and more diffuse, blurred and streaked detail behind.

    I saw the little birds on Freshly Pressed and was immediately taken with it – I’m an ex-birder and so I’m biased! 😉 but I love the way you’ve caught them there, on those little twigs, that’s just so how they are.

    The other two images are good. I very much like the little tree, and the pale blue in the background of the lowest shot really makes it. Adrian

  6. Dang birds . . . still better than other stuff that I find while processing photos.

    I’m partial to the second shot. Something about the semi-focus of the tree.

  7. I love the fleeting feeling in all three images. And fun that the birds flew into the picture during the process. Really adds another dimension. As always you handling of the colour palette is excellent. My favourite? Might just be the birds.

  8. Hullo Karen,
    The top photo has inspired a little bit of prose and I would please like to include it in the post. Will you please let me know if that’s alright with you? I’ll link back and credit properly.


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