60 thoughts on “What the Water Sees Too

    1. Thanks, Elena. I’m not sure how that fish slipped in there…
      ; )
      It’s not very golden here today, I have to say. We are in rain and fog and I’m working indoors today.

  1. Lovely, Karen. Those warm colors are long gong for us now. NIce to see Autumn colors and reflections of leaves and branches. And the fish is a delightful and suprising find.

  2. or what Karen sees, or how she sees is so beautiful and it’s best to pay attention so as to not let it slip(pery) by us…

  3. The escaping fish is perfect, again the graphite-like quality enhances the colour, and the positioning is exactly right. And even though you are heading towards winter, there is a wonderful late summer glow.

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