A Small Gathering

A-Gathering-_-EgretsI made several photographs of these Great Egrets quite a while ago but I never felt like the images really expressed the extraordinary experience of being with these graceful creatures. I say ‘being with’ because I was standing in the water not too far from them – there was no long lens in my camera bag that day so I was pushing my luck.

Anyway, I have played with this image a little, adding a layer of … recollection, I guess. This what it feels like to wade with the egrets.

© Karen McRae, 2013

103 thoughts on “A Small Gathering

  1. So much silence, peaceful vibes in the clouds and the reflections of the clouds. This sets a wonderful mood and the birds are stunning protagonists on this stage. A very poetic shot!

  2. Hi Karen, Marvelous nature image. Your images are beautifully visually and I am always impressed how they convey a mood so effectively. Your titles are apt, as well. Thank you!

  3. I really like this image and what you have done with it. As indicated by other commenters, it is so ‘real’ and tranquil. The birds are delightful.

  4. This really is so beautiful..like a classical painting almost, with the finest of brushes., but just completely your own as always! I really do love it.

  5. amazing how you did it. All elements are present and expressed in harmony . I want to visit that place too. During my passage of observation , I saw all elements , all details . All needed to be present , none to keep away .

  6. Hi Karen
    This image so very beautiful. You captured the peacefulness of moments in nature, which gives me a few minutes to reflect on nature and all it’s beauty, before I pick up the morning paper and read the news. Thank you

  7. I can’t imagine that it was ‘more’ than that–though I know that standing there in the water, it had to be more, and then I remembered the few times in my life when I was in a situation so beautiful I did not bother to take a photo (because it would have been worthless) and looking at your picture made me see (however truncated) what you saw–and those times that I could not take a picture too.


  8. Very very nice Karen. The layering works so well. And it must have been a terrific experience to wade out with them. Did you feel as if you were growing white feathers when you entered their habitat so gently?

  9. Karen,
    What a beautiful image! I may just have to buy this in the future. This is one of those images that just stay with you. Such calmness and peacefulness. It looks like a painting. I like it so much I’m reblogging it : )

  10. Hauntingly beautiful image. I love your photography that for me captures the aesthetic of the sublime, blurring macro. and micro., for me its like a nostalgia about loss and the landscape as momento mori. Thank you for liking my posts.

    1. Elaine, thanks very much for your comments.
      Your art work and the meaning in your paintings truly resonates with me.I think we may be kindred spirits in our relationships with the land and the water.

  11. I’ve seen so many photos of egrets and herons, my favorite birds, but this one is different. Their presence has a strange statuesque feeling, and a certain sense of waiting. And it’s like an ancient group of sculptures having a very long conversation…

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