Vestiges: Flora

Collected from among the flotsam and jetsam washed up along the shoreline. There are surprising things that gather after the frayed edges of winter wear off but these things belong there. Of course I’ve taken them out of context because I like the surprises I get when I look at things in that way. In a sense I compare these little studies to doing sketches between paintings, really looking.
I love the diversity. The roots systems. The texture and character. The delicate veins that weave things together. The same things that weave us together.

All images © Karen McRae

60 thoughts on “Vestiges: Flora

  1. Rootsystems! My very favorite thing 🙂
    These photos are perfect, Karen. Giving each it’s own wondrous moment in the sun.

  2. Another little fish creature comment. It’s like they adapted 🙂 These photos made me smile 🙂

  3. Fascinating studies. Intricate things, so easy to miss amongst the “noise” of their natural habitat. Lovely stuff!

  4. These are totally fascinating, and I think like a lot of your other photos, they deserve a lot of ‘space’ and hopefully you can display them in some really cool venue. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with displaying them ‘out of context.’

  5. Graphically intricate and precise images of decomposing nature, artistically interpreted, positioned and composed on white! I wonder if a gallery would describe this set in those terms, Karen? Particularly love the last two of the leaf!



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