Late Summer Seedheads





LateSummerSeedheads4The weather is shifting already and last night we had frost. It seems far too soon(!), but anyway, the flora is shifting with the temperatures, too.

I’ve been photographing these particular type of seedheads from my garden for over a year, through all the seasons (I don’t know what they are called). I can’t seem to make interesting photographs of them when they are still blooming, though. These are just some of the small remnants of summer, each one about the size of my thumbnail. I might try again while there are still a few blossoms left but it seems to be the transforming seedheads that my camera loves.

There are always new shapes and colours developing as the seasons change so I always find them interesting to photograph. I like how the tiny ‘tentacled’ seed forms look a bit squid-like in these images.

Many previously posted images of these (and other) seedheads can be found here.

© Karen McRae, 2013

40 thoughts on “Late Summer Seedheads

  1. What delicate images and in such a kinetic state of transformation. It’s intriguing to see how you depicted their organic ‘machinery.’ Like they are becoming angels or Phoenician boats or something. Really beautiful.

  2. Always so different, whenever you find them..these have a lovely dark edge to them, like spiny fingers or blind beaked creatures..

  3. This photography is what makes you the Class of your own.
    What a beauty ! —– not the technique, but the eyes.
    (So far I failed to copy your image = I don’t have your eyes.) 🙂

  4. More amazing work – exquisite restraint! That subtle glow of light behind them is another part of what makes these so satisfying, I think. I see the squid-like forms now – they seem to be reaching into space, not reaching for anything, just moving in their own eccentric paths.

  5. I remember shots you made of those flowers with a very peculiar shade of blue. I think it was those seedheads not yet in seed. I wonder if those flowers were “Nigelle de Damas”.
    Anyway i love the pictures you made and are still making of them. Beautiful eye you have !

  6. Just checked out your seedhead series – wonderful images. The ice ones are particularly striking, thank you for sharing.

  7. Bonsoir Karen ,

    Flore est celle que tu sèmes , au fil de tes reflets ,
    La vie semblant germer , sans se soucier de la peine ,
    Au gré du phénomène , nos saisons vont changer ,
    Demeure en toutes beautés , les racines de l’ancienne.
    Belle fin d’été

  8. I love your seed heads, Karen, because (tried in vain to italicize this) they always seem in a state of change – they bring their own narratives to the image and you articulate them so beautifully.

  9. So lovely to watch the seasons change in even the minutest way. Yes, they do look like little squid! Or birthed, tiny pterodactyls. Around here in southwest Colorado, some of the hummingbirds have left and the little sparrows and finches are very busy gathering seeds. Thanks for your thoughts and lovely photos, Karen.

  10. You’ve really captured so well that lovely green color of the seed buds, but in a way that keeps the subtlety of the rest of the bloom/leaves. I really love the blurring effects to the background of each piece – you are a master w/ that, Karen!

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