A Few Flakes

A last glimpse of one of the garden seed heads I’ve been documenting the last few months – crowned with a little snowflake. The whole lot of them are now winter-cloaked in many layers of these tiny crystal forms. It is mostly white world here.
FrostedWindowA frosted window.


ยฉ Karen McRae, 2012

69 thoughts on “A Few Flakes

  1. To capture such minute fragile flake = one blow of breath could make it disappear
    kind of impermanence, needs to have a herculean effort = What a paradox !
    What we are seeing here is almost phenomenal images.

  2. I’ve never seen such beautifully rendered and detailed snowflakes. Absolutely exquisite! Wishing you and yours all the best in the up and coming new year!

  3. Absolutely incredible….in tremendous awe of your work, wow…breathless. Very well done. Your photos, I go through them again and again, so much to experience, so much to feel…what majestic beauty here. Very well-done indeed!!!

    Autumn Jade

      1. Karen,

        It is a pure delight! I am so enthralled by your masterful photography…such incredible beauty. I am greatly appreciative to have discovered your blog and am always looking forward to another visit to imbibe of more glorious creations. I am also grateful for all your wonderful comments. Deeply gruntled!


        Autty Jade

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