Even the River is Thirsty

Days and days of radiant sun and what seems like weeks of no rain. The grass is brown and crunchy underfoot. Dormant. A wilting heat that makes everything close up on itself. Even the river is thirsty and shrinking away from the shoreline. I am not the only one wandering in the shallow waters.
A mussel roadway is a slow and lovely, meandering build.

A thick scattering of snails and mussel trails in the evening light.

All images Β© Karen McRae. 2012

62 thoughts on “Even the River is Thirsty

  1. Karen,
    Your first few shots look like a view from an airplane.
    I truly enjoy your work. As usual.
    Le Clown

  2. You captured beautiful (and puzzling) images which is symbolizing the more
    deeper trouble we are facing = somewhere having no rain but other places,
    England, Japan etc — having unprecedented rain fall hence, flood, land slide.
    —– Our planet is heading to chaos.

  3. Oh if only we could swap just a little, you have a little of our rain and us a little of your sun..in a perfect world…! Love the little collection of mussels and snails, like they’re all lined up having a chat πŸ™‚ We could learn a lot from those mussels and their slow thoughtful trails I think πŸ™‚

  4. Strange sight to see as the area I live in is currently experiencing the highest water levels in the past 60 years. There was over 250 mm of rain here in June, and now the Columbia River has covered most of the beaches. The world is a strange place: too wet in some places and too dry in others. gorgeous photos as always

    1. It is a strange summer, but change is always constant! I was in Penticton in June and the rain was unusually long lasting there, too. hope all is well with your community!

    1. Well, I think they can move into the deeper water if they find it. If it gets too warm they burrow down into the sand. hopefully they will survive! Thank you, Wally.

  5. It saddens me as well to see our world having to go with out as well 😦 Beautiful photos Thanks so much for sharing your areas plight.

  6. The mussel trail pictures at the top of the post are just amazing. It never occurred to me that the little guys actually move of their own volition. Huh. I’m less enthused about the weedy beaches. Call me unimaginative.

  7. Beautiful Karen! Incredibly so. You make mud photogenic! Your bring it alive! Wonderful πŸ™‚

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