At the risk of being boring I am posting more seed heads, but there is just a small window of time for capturing these before they dissolve into the landscape.  I am playing with light and form and the fleeting nature of the seasons themselves.

There is already a hint of change in the winds that scatter these little seeds.

Note: I am not sure what type of seed heads these are but all the florets together are only about 1cm in diameter.

All images © Karen McRae, 2012

64 thoughts on “Windborne

  1. No, Karen, you are not boring. Again a lovely series about fragility, ethereal. They are now ready to start they journey and fulfill their destiny.

  2. Karen,
    There’s an ethereal quality to your photos, but these particular ones really convey that feeling. And in this very case, something ephemerous.
    Le Clown

  3. … ‘boring’ is not part of the descriptive language that speaks of your work Karen… these photographic pieces speak of fragile existence that otherwise would have been missed if you hadn’t provided them with your curiosity and attention.

  4. Not boring in the slightest! I have just looked all these posts and they are wonderful. I love your perspective – up close and soft and bright. I have tried to photograph seed heads in the past few weeks and have not been happy with the results – now I see solutions to my problems!

  5. I miss seed heads. I never see them in New York but they’d spring up everywhere in Detroit and I’d blow on them and giggle like an idiot.

    Wonderful photos as always!

  6. I totally agree with Jola! Not boring at all. Small, fragile, and very missable unless you deliberately look or luckily happen to see. Or unless somebody takes the time to show you 🙂

  7. How could such luminous images be boring. Jewel-like, diamante galaxies you could hold in your hand – one could only find these in Nature, and we thank her for it.

  8. No Karen, not boring at all. Everythings prefect, colour, perspective, it’s like a fresh breath on a hot morning. Beautiful work.

  9. I am just catching up Karen. The first thing that struck me was the slight insecurity and doubt you express about being boring which shows even the best of photographers doubt their ability to delight. Maybe it’s this vulnerabilty that makes your work so distinctive to you…because there is almost always a vulnerability and softness about your work and these are no exception.. They are,as ever, simply beautiful

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