91 thoughts on “Spring Belongs to the Birds

  1. I only say, the second photo is incredible.
    To capture small bird in free flight is extremely difficult,
    except the moment of in and out of the nest or feeding
    post, otherwise crop a wide-angle photo out of hundred clicks.
    You always astonish us.

    1. Thanks, Yoshizen. I was lucky to capture that little bird in flight with the sun on its back. I was sitting down near a little creek and that bird just kept flying around me, perching only for a second or two at a time, like it was daring me to capture it with my camera. A hundred clicks is right! : )

    1. Thank you, Sarah. It was such a sweet little bird – (I believe it is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet – I have one photograph where the red shows up on its head).

  2. Spring does belong to the birds, I really love that second small bird, its feet, its moving wings, the spring sun shining on its back, its song, just beautiful!

    1. Yes, I think you are right – our memories hold impressionistic snapshots of our experiences. I love trying to capture that sense of things with my camera. Thanks for the link and the comment!

  3. i hold with those who are struck by the second.

    it is an image which might be of another world, even though the elements are from this. almost ethereal, like many things you do. if you feel like describing how you did it i would love l to listen.

    the leaves in the third are beautiful.

    1. You would love to listen? I will whisper it here then: it is two images.
      The first one, the bird, is overexposed in-camera to make it more transparent, of course it is back-lit by the sun so if I didn’t overexpose it a bit the body would be much darker.
      The second image is the reflection of branches on water; the sun was diffused slightly, through the edges of clouds, so it made a beautiful soft light on the water. Somehow, it seemed, the bird belonged with it.

      1. Birds fluttering their wings in the sky, is one of the most beautiful things around – reminding me of freedom. Now knowing that the sky is seen via the surface of the water, ads a new dimension. Now I hear the tingling sound of water being played by a little bird, taking it’s first Spring bath. How delightful it is Karen!

  4. Karen,
    What lovely light in the second picture! I love the dreaminess and softness of that shot. And the third picture is just beautiful. As always your photos are water for the soul : )

      1. You’re welcome : ) I’m trying to make it through these next two weeks. I feel as though I have been pregnant for what seems like forever, lol! Soon (very soon I hope!) though we will be welcoming our newest addition. Then I’ll experience the joys of chasing two boys throughout the mall : ) Thank you for asking!

  5. All three have your trademark beauty, originality and magic, but I vote for the third one as my favourite. Visiting your site always rewards.

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