57 thoughts on “Wild Apples

    1. I’d love to capture a photograph of them bobbing for apples, I’m not stealthy enough, though… ; )
      Thanks very much, Melinda. This was my solution to indecision!

  1. Great idea to double expose the pond of apples. Makes them look dreamy and out of a different world – or maybe just wild. I actually think I like the last most colourful the better. It’s something with the definition of the apples – and of course the few colours themselves – that attracts me.

  2. I always find your double-exposures to be so compelling…they provide so much substance to think about photographically, artistically….etc and etc. Very nice, Karen.

    1. I’m glad to hear that because I find the need to keep experimenting with this type of photography. I like the unexpectedness of it and also the possibilities when something seems to be working.
      Sincere thanks for your words, Scott.

      1. You are most welcome, Karen…your work is such an inspiration and it’s been fascinating to watch your projects develop…the wrapped trees in the winter fields, the seed-heads and ice…etc, etc….. πŸ™‚

  3. Enchanting.. I have no idea how you do the double exposure thing unless you mean you are combining/layering 2 photos in photoshop?? is that what you mean? As for the colour I am going to be awkward.. I think I would like a tone somewhere between 2 and 3 ! trust me.. so a little more colour than 2 but a little less than 3..

    1. Hi Helen, I do quite often play around with layers in Photoshop but my digital camera has a setting where you can make double (or triple) exposures all within the same frame. Similar to the way a film camera would make double exposures. It is endlessly fun and interesting to see what happens! What type of camera do you have(?), it may have that capability…

      Here is your suggestion: : )
      Helen's suggestion

      1. That’s it exactly Karen, thnaks for doing that πŸ˜€ I only have a Nikon D5100 and alas it does not have that capability.. what a pity.. and I just haven’t got around to understanding photoshop layers yet.. so many photos to take and so little time !

  4. Lovely photos, Karen, I can see the slight movement in the water and apples. I think I like the third, greener one the best with the slightest hint of the brown/peach decay. Wonderful blending of clouds, water and apples.

    1. Thank you, Marcelo. I was thinking, if I was to hang one of these on the wall, which would I want to see there? Definitely the black and white.
      I think perhaps because there is so much going on in the photograph.

  5. I was having trouble deciding which of the three versions I prefer. I was leaning towards the pale colour one but the fourth one you did after Helen’s suggestion is the one for me. Beautiful palette.

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