65 thoughts on “Autumn Fields,Winter Whispers

  1. It’s very interesting, I didn’t noticed the second one was Double exposure.
    It looks so natural = may be our brain is reading its atmosphere, not
    the detail.

  2. Wonderful photos! I can sense the beauty of the winter. Yesterday we had the first snow in Berlin and the atmosphere of the city changed completely. Now everything seems to be so quiet and romantic!

  3. Oh I’m so jealous of your snow..! Just loving these – I like how the last one has an ambiguous sense of scale to it – are we high up looking at trees or deep to the ground? And I like this almost widescreen effect too very much..definitely exhibition pieces..

      1. Your’e welcome – your work always makes me think! We do get a bit of snow, actually the last couple of years a bit more than usual, but it’s never for very long and rarely deep, certainly nothing compared to yours! I’ve always dreamed of seeing Canadian snow!

  4. I like these a lot – with luck we will get a few days like this in UK later this month….
    Get shot for saying this as the country does not seem able to cope with the stuff, but there is nothing like nice crisp new snow and frost. I love the freshness of it.


    1. Thank you, David. I love the freshness of it, too. Like it cleanses the landscape for a while. I guess you go to the UK for Christmas. – Happy travels and I hope you get a bit of snow!

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