Residuals 2



LastIce8A little extra winter here the past few days but I don’t think the remainder of ice on the river can last too much longer. The coming days look to be shifting into real spring.






BearTracks1The footprints made by a black bear who has been walking near the river were quite distinguishable in the fresh snow. It’s not too often a bear would be wandering in this area so close to the city but there are corridors of greenspace and waterways that are well used by wildlife. It’s one of things that makes this city so interesting.

© Karen McRae, 2013

81 thoughts on “Residuals 2

  1. Nice, and great find, the bear prints. I imagine they would not last long. I occasionally find them in dried mud where we hike.

    There is a mix of awe . . . and looking around, remembering we are food.

    1. Hi Emilio, yes those bear prints would likely be all melted away now and I took that photograph yesterday morning. Yes, it would have been interesting if I had happened across the bear!
      For sure awe, and then maybe fear! Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Allen. I was wandering around for about half an hour before I noticed the prints so I was thinking that the bear must have moved on. It’s a bit wooded, though, hard to say.

  2. What a nice interlude for me to see these. We read signs, whether bear prints (I would have been looking around about 360 degrees) or the retreat of ice. I love the fourth one from the bottom – the perfect grayness and that single fissure moving out. Thank you, Karen, for all of them.

    1. Oh, you received snow, too. It’s looking up weather wise here!
      I was a bit surprised to see the bear prints but I had heard there had been a bear a few kiolmetres away 2 days before.

      1. Hi Karen,

        Thank you for appreciating mo work as well .You might be interested in my photographic work as well have a look at .

  3. Beautiful, as always, Karen. Looks like spring is breaking out. My big girl wore shorts to school today. I can’t imagine meeting/worrying about meeting bears but I imagine they see you first and skedaddle.

    1. Thank you, Anna. Yes, I believe black bears are rather afraid of humans and would run away unless they were protecting young ones or food! Thankfully, I didn’t have to find out.

  4. Beautiful collection of images. They stand between the image and
    in our imagination in the time perspective.
    Then the foot prints ! — I like this twist.

  5. Karen these are just stunning images. The colours are all so subtle – and the landscape is just so foreign to me – beautiful. Thank you for constantly feeding my imagination.

  6. great series, Karen!
    I particularly like most the third and last photographs; I am amazed of the bear footprints you were able to shot.
    In recent years we are having very short springs and summer is almost here!

  7. Though it’s chilling to scroll these, there’s a lot to like – and of course, the fact that they make me feel cold is part of what’s to like. I appreciate that you don’t shy away from scenes other people would reject. Then you make quiet masterpieces out of them. The tones are so smooth – like ice! The bear paw prints – I’m glad you added that because it shows the difference between bear prints & dog prints so clearly.

  8. I was enjoying another dawning of the world/ renewal moment there, until I got to the bear prints, which brought me up short. Firstly it broke the revery by its implication of physical presence and secondly because I thought, “Oh my God, Karen, get out of there! Bear! Bear!”

  9. Beautiful! The third photo is very painterly. I love that in several of them, there is no real sense of scale. They could be close-ups or aerial photos. Well done, Karen!

  10. Just gorgeous Karen..the tones are magnificent. I love to follow your seasons here, always gives me a great sense of peace and light..

  11. I really like the concept , the idea , the title of this work, The second , forth and the last one are for me very nice presenting the residuals .

  12. ‘Real spring’! It does look like it’s starting to edge, maybe, towards that : ) Great photos and love the paw prints and the dark crack in the ice.

  13. That steady creeping in of warmth – you have long winters Karen! The bear paw prints are wonderful, fantastic to have that kind of wildlife around you. Lovely pictures, there is a real feeling of steady change going on.

  14. Another wonderful collection, Karen…and aside from the fascination with the bear tracks, I love #5 from the bottom…the colors of the sky and vegetation and snow…what a pleasant mix…earthy and clean and somber in it’s beauty.

  15. Lovely to see the bear tracks.

    The colour palette, though limited, is interesting in itself. I rather like the minimalism, seeing the landscape stripped back.

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