46 thoughts on “Residuals 1

  1. I agree with Steven. We always try to understand what we are looking at and I did look long at this one to try and explain it. I could understand the frothy water but that shape on the right gives the photo much more – it is like this creature that is just leaving the picture frame. It almost tells a story or asks the question “What happened here?”. Good shot, Karen.

    1. It was an interesting find, and although it has a beautiful pattern I think it’s probably some sort of toxic sludge, probably from a snowmobile or something! Thanks, Adrian.

    1. I guess that is the nature of winter – colour and black and white at the same time. I do find myself drawn to the subtleties of colour, i like the way you desribe it, Alessandro. Thank you.

  2. I just clicked up to the larger image and saw it as a three dimensional image!!!! Fantastic pillar, detritus of history, primordial entry of consciousness!!!!! Really subtle at first glance….then manifesting.

  3. What a great shot, Karen! There is a lot happening there, rich tones of greys, textures, etc. And your composition creates just the right amount of tension between the soft, light and quiet areas on the left and the darker, heavier and almost threatening areas on the right. Yin and yang.

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