TheCreeksEdgeShiftingSurface6ShiftingSurface7ShiftingSurface1ShiftingSurface2It’s not just what you see but also what you hear. This water moving in the cold of winter, it is not soundless. There is music here.

ShiftingSurface4ShiftingSurface5ShiftingSurface3Photographs of surface reflections on moving water from the series Surface, Submerge.

© Karen McRae, 2013

48 thoughts on “listen

  1. Yes, I can hear —– Claude Debussy might be too idiosyncratic, so I’ll
    go to JS Bach’s Well tempered Clavier, Book one kind 😉
    Or just listen as it is ?

  2. Often in our wild walks Steve wishes he were recording sound while I’m taking pictures. How fortunate that our bodies are the total sensory package, and we always take them with us wherever we travel!

  3. I’m just loving these Karen.
    I was standing in the middle of a stream today taking pictures and I was mesmerised by the water flowing over the rocks and the sound it was making. Coupled with the crashing surf in the background, it was quite an onslaught on the senses.

  4. I agree that so many ‘visual’ experiences are actually the convergence of a variety of sensorial experiences. Tthe challenge is to capture and express this wider field. One of the joys of your work is that so often your succeed in reflecting this multisensorial response.

  5. Tangled, beautiful – carefully shattered images. BTW these work very well with early 20th Century classical music – I’m listening to a documentary as I type. I just heard this: “You have to destroy to grow.” It fits these images very well, I think.

  6. I’ve often noticed the sound of water as it moves beneath the ice. So beautifully illustrated (thru word and image) here.

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