Incremental Spring


AfterWinter2These little seed heads in my garden keep calling me back to look at them and I like observing their changes as they advance through the seasons and work their way out of the snow. Somehow they still hold a whisper of the faded colours of summer.

Spring is in no hurry, really, but under the trees there are finally circles of earth, damp and tarnished from the winter. These hopeful patches might hold a gentle robin or a few starlings jabbing hungrily at the ground, and today for the first time I am hearing the lovely lilt of a red-winged blackbird. We are grateful for any bits of spring that we find even if it is simply the incremental folding back of the snow or a few pussy willows breaking through their skins.

Below: The first pussy willows, a couple of weeks old now…

© Karen McRae, 2014

64 thoughts on “Incremental Spring

  1. So beautiful Karen and I’m happy the Spring has finally shown up for you albeit a little tentatively. I was out today enjoying the primroses in the hedgerows and the lambs skipping about in the fields. This really is a feel good time of year!

    1. Your green world sound great, Adrian! We had another 15cm of snow on Sunday! It’s melting a little bit everyday though. Its starting to look hopeful! Spring really is a feel good time of year.

  2. So delicate and powerful all at once. They remind me of the tooth breaking through the gums in my son’s mouth tonight. Just this tiny dinosaur looking thing nestled in all the softness fighting it’s way out.

  3. Beautiful, sensitive words, Karen – and photos, with their soft, burnished colors. Like that subtle transition time between late winter and early spring…tentative.

  4. Spring stirring herself into action is my favourite time of the year. And when you’ve had to wait that little bit longer, its so much more welcome. Beautiful images Karen.

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  6. Lovely to see these friends again, and looking new every time – love the contrast of rich and delicate in colour and form..

  7. Superb and wonderful Karen, like always 🙂 The snow here is slowly melting but no signs of damp earth yet…. Have a beautiful week Karen 🙂

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