63 thoughts on “At Six and Seven

  1. Your photograph is magnificent. As someone still learning photography, I am astonished at your work. I was proud of my winter images until I saw yours. I realize how very far I have yet to go, to learn. You are a master artist.

  2. Your work is consistently so good. Consistently. This one is especially captivating. My eyes are dancing about due to the excellent composition and the ‘identities’ of the individual trees.

  3. I’m over at my place, typing away, and then I remember to look up and when I do, I come over here to your place and find the most wonderful, magical things to see. (I get so wrapped up in my own thing I forget how beautiful it is out there/here!) I love the way this one is framed. It makes the world look so tiny, which seems counter-intuitive for a long shot. Why is that?

    1. Hi Anna, I think the world looks so tiny because when taking this I was standing at the top of a hill and looking down. Also, I think the lack of detail probably helps. I’m glad you like it – the birds are crows!

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