Foxtails & Sedges



Grasses_River'sEdgeFoxtails, sedges, and other grasses in the saline wetlands along the St. Lawrence River

I have been somewhat enchanted with silky foxtail barley since I was a child but these ones seemed particularly luxurious rippling in the saltwater breezes at the end of the day.  The light had mostly slipped away over the horizon so I made these photographs using long exposures (with the camera mounted on a tripod) hoping to capture a bit of movement in some of the flora.

© Karen McRae, 2014

41 thoughts on “Foxtails & Sedges

  1. I’ve always liked these types of grasses. Occasionally I’ll grab one or two stems intending to do some macros, but invariably the seeds stiffen, and what used to be flowing and flexible hairs become stiff and stand out nearly 90deg from the seeds.

    I’ve found them difficult to capture in their natural habitat as I’m never really happy with the results.

    I can, however, imagine the actual scene for the above, drawing on many examples from memory.

    1. They are not a silky up close as they look! I’ve made other photographs of these before too, but I’ve never thought much of them – i like how these turned out, though.
      Thanks for your comment, Emilio.

      1. Probably because I can’t get to them right when I pick them . . . by the time I photograph them they have lost the whole ‘flowing foxtail’ look.

        And yes, the photos are nice, liking the last one the best.

  2. I like these, a lot – the shades of green, the textures, the gentle movement, the lighting. There is a magical atmosphere and mood about the third one.

  3. Your final image here is just glorious, Karen. You are closer in to the vegetation and the lighting and textures are just wonderful – I almost feel as if I can reach out and touch them! Adrian

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