59 thoughts on “Autumn Fields

  1. Yes, that’s how my eye sees the landscape this time of year but I’ve never had the words. “Bleached out” says it! Love the double exposures. Your instincts are perfect.

  2. I’ve been reading about and experimenting with double exposures a bit, so this post comes just in time for some inspiration! Love the Summer one as well – great shots.

  3. Even when framing more traditional subjects as landcapes, your images – and yours only – can alway boast have what i have come to call “uber-depth”. (Please imagine two dots over the “u”…) And i think it’s not because of the double exposure techinque, but rather a very unique form of vision. So glad you keep sharing this fantastic imagery.

  4. Again, my first reaction, especially to the top two, was to think they we’re paintings.
    Your point of view is so individualistic and always fascinates me!

  5. Three beautiful pictures. But for me instead of being three separate pictures they become one unity. It’s like the sight slowing moves down and further down from the first picture to the last. I love the textures and tones of them.

    1. Thanks very much, Otto. Your comment is really interesting – I find these particular images belong together also. Their strength seems to be in them being viewed together.

  6. So lovely – there’s something about your images, I don’t know if it’s the colour, or framing, or something else.. but they’re always unmistakably yours!

  7. Hey Karen! (:

    I used one of your pictures as my cover photo on Facebook. I did mention your name and website in it… I am not sure if it is okay with you. Do let me know, if you don’t like the idea I will delete the cover photo (:


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