75 thoughts on “Autumnal Tones

  1. These shots are beautiful – they just seem to capture the essence of autumn. Another thing I like especially about them is that when I flipped my laptop uspide down to see them ‘right way up’, they didn’t look at all right. I like that you just have to take them as they are, and I love the colours! Nice and warm.

  2. Beautiful colors in the reflections. A mat, a frame and a prominent place on the wall is what they are all begging for and justly so. They would be stunning on the wall.

  3. I spend a lot of time looking at and photographing lakeside reflections. Love these images Karen, especially that third one.

  4. Wow! Your pictures are always so interesting and beautiful. It’s great that you doing this blog. I love keeping up with what you are doing.

  5. Whoa. The top on is my favorite of this bunch. It has a certain kinetic balance that is especially appealing. At a glance, it seemed like a digitally-mainipulated image, though on further inspection, you discover that nature beat Photoshop to the punch… again!

  6. These too are very nice – the soft focus is almost like reflections on thin ice.
    The colour tones are so reminiscent of something, especially in the first and middle ones, I am not sure which something though (and not my cat, though that too).

  7. Really lovely! I’m working on a collaborative drawing-installation project just now that’s based in these delicious skeletal forms, so I find myself sinking into these images completely … absolutely adore bare trees, and how much individual personality they each have.

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