28 thoughts on “After the storm, there is this

  1. Hey Karen,rubbish just seems to get absolutely everywhere!
    I went to Fuerteventura in July, I wrote a bit about it in my blog, and there was a beautiful bay with big waves crashing against the rocks, and then a load of rubbish was just stranded there, as if the ocean had just spat it all back to protest about all this junk!

  2. It’s a very witty representation of the clouds —– took few second for me
    to realize, it was a reflection. Now I know, you make a relaxed joke too 🙂

  3. reality in your beautiful photos karen. you know, i didn’t get this post in my inbox – saw it on twitter though. Wonder what happened? if it happens again, i’ll let you know 🙂

  4. Love these sky/seas…like watercolours..funny how we both had storms on our minds! Always hurts me a little when I see junk in beautiful places..sometimes people drive out miles into the countryside here just to throw away fridges and things, when there are tips for that stuff all over town! I don’t know how anyone can bear to leave rubbish in such beautiful places..and I hate knowing how long that bottle will survive too..

  5. I love your interpretation of the “calm after the storm”. The merging of the sky and Ottawa River is a wonderful dreamscape (dream/landscape). Beautiful work, Karen!

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