62 thoughts on “Wild Things

      1. karen,
        It’s wonderful, the perspective, and the fact that it’s hard to define. Really.
        Le Clown

  1. I love the river (generic) but I only passed over the Ottawa once (that I know of). I saw freshwater clams on your previous posts. Have not seen many of those in the Susquehanna lately even though NY tells us it is now clean. I see one of those things that grab onto your pants (grass burdocks?) in picture two, a beatle on a Bridal Veil in picture six (correct me if I am wrong), five and nine look like relatives. The rest of them are beyond me except for the catapiller.
    Boy do I miss the river! And even though my best fishing buddy and I canoed and portaged in the Algonquin Provincial park I sure wish he would have been more adventureous. I miss the park and him both. He was a good fishing companion.
    Thanks for the river pictures. I still can not get over the fact that you put on your boots and took all those late winter pictures with ice-encrusted branches.

  2. Hi Karen – I knew after all the beautiful fall and winter photos, you would bring us spring and summer too! You give us natures spring palette and the colors are just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing these with us – K

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