Cape Breton

I am recently back from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. I have a lot of careful editing to do, the ocean and surrounding landscape captured my complete attention these past two weeks.
I am just now glimpsing back at images of these recent memories. How could I ever really capture the majesty of the sea, I wonder? Without the sounds? Without the salt air? Without the dampness from the fog rolling over your body? It is humbling to stand at the shore of such vastness.

All images Β© Karen McRae

91 thoughts on “Cape Breton

  1. MAGNIFICENT ( and yes I am shouting it from the rooftops) these are you karen. Welcome back.. I for one have missed your mellowness. That last one is to die for!!!

  2. Wow! Visiting Nova Scotia must have been amazing. I’m sure it’s nothing like being there in person, but to me these beautiful and fantastic pictures is a great taste of the place πŸ™‚

  3. Welcome back Karen! Your words allow us to feel through these images: “Without the salt air? Without the dampness from the fog rolling over your body?” I feel it and taste the salt. The 2 gulls on the rocks is lovely and serene.

  4. “How could I ever really capture the majesty of the sea, I wonder?”

    Yet somehow you do, you always do. If not “the” majesty, then a majesty of your own that comes from an unfailing eye and deft reactions. More, please.

    1. That one struck me right away too. Love how the ocean just flows out of the fog. Seems to me you’ve captured it all beautifully, Karen.

  5. Oh I ache for such wildness and beauty..thankyou for taking us there, I’ve missed your journeys! I hope you are renewed and inspired by your trip and can hold some of that mist and space with you for a while longer..

  6. p.s one of my favourite sensations in the world is damp fogged seaspray on my face…I am feeling it as I look at these..

  7. Great, the last 2 especially. I tend to think that we can’t recreate the physical, tangible things that we experience through reproducing it in a photograph. We can create abstractions, reminders, interpretations of parts of it. Your best images do that.

  8. As atmospheric as your work always is! I feel like I am there. The colors in the last photo are stunning.

  9. You asked the question about how one can capture the experience of standing at the edged of the sea? I think you are one of the few who are able to embrace the moment and suspend the experience through each image. Mystical.

  10. These are beautiful Karen! You certainly know how to capture the majesty of the sea… Your memories might be more vivid but these photographs beautifully capture the moments you had by the sea in Nova Scotia! I’m a tad envious of your travels… I was thrilled to see an email in box telling me you’ve posted. I always look forward to your work. Great job!! πŸ™‚

  11. so beautiful Ms. Karen. We will be in Cape Breton in July and I am looking forward to it now that I have seen how beautiful it is. I am trying to learn a little bit about photography before I go πŸ™‚ You are amazing as usual !

  12. Karen is back! I hope you had a wonderful time! These are all lovely images, and the second one down is really really lovely! I’m a sucker for those minimal horizon shots!

  13. We have been longing to go to Nova Scotia – I’m hoping sometime in the next year or so. And now…well, you’ve made it all the more important.

  14. It is hard to capture the sea without those other stimuli… but you did it anyway! I can smell it and hear it…. really love the second to last picture–the mist seeps into the bones.

      1. You are very welcome…and there is something almost magical about the early morning light. I prefer to shoot then, as well.

  15. Gorgeous images Karen – thank you so for sharing this first installment – looking forward to seeing more. Nova Scotia and Cape Breton have a huge and very special place in my heart. You are absolutely right – there’s something impossibly perfect about the fogdamp on skin and the perfect heartbeat of ocean in concert with the landscape that gets into the soul and stays there. I think though, that you have done a remarkable job of bringing all of that together in your images. Thank you, yet again … Ah makes me homesick for the place even more than usual, but I’ll be in Halifax for a few days soon, so this also reminds me of all I have to look forward to.

  16. Really enjoying your beautiful photography and blog. Your question about capturing the essence or experience of the sea prompted me to comment, to tell you about the book ‘Ocean Sea’ by Alessandro Barricco. I highly recommend it, I think your poetic mind would appreciate it.

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