80 thoughts on “WaterEscapes

  1. …when I first started following your blog I thought “what an amazing place she lives in, I wish I lived there”. Gradually I found out that it is your vision that brings out this beauty and tranquility in everything you capture. I love your work, Karen.

  2. The first words that came to mind were pure, clear, tranquil, cleansing ……But words are inadequate and superfluous when trying to describe these pictures. For me they are just ineffably beautiful.

      1. I just feel like we give the average swan too much credit and the average goose not enough. It’s like bird racism.

  3. Everyone of the words I would use for these glimpses of a captured world have been taken – so I just don’t know what to say. Except thank you.

  4. I’m liking the “quiet” tones in these images. Lovely stuff! 🙂 And enjoy your trip to the sea. I hope there will be photos coming!

  5. A wonderful space in which to stretch out on water and breathe peace. I love how your photos give room for that. Have a lovely time.

  6. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C! 😀

    Loved all of them… and I have noticed portrait views look so better in blog pages. 🙂

  7. Karen. I actually had a dream today that felt like one of your photographs. Very peaceful, soft and lovely as if time stood still. I didn’t realize it until now that I read your new post. Btw these latest photographs are a treat. I love the first one : )

  8. Karen,
    Le Clown likes to think that you are a thriving and wealthy artist, living in a huge and magical castle in the outskirts of some wonderful borough.
    Le Clown

  9. Your style is so recognizable. When I see your pictures I am not in doubt it is yours. This series is beautiful. So many planes on these pictures from the deep under water life to the faraway horizon line. Thank you for the pleasure to see you work.

    1. Those geese are always looking for a photo-op! He just pulled into the picture at the perfect time. (Or maybe it’s food they are looking for…)
      Thank you, Scott!

  10. No need to answer, I’m always here.- I caught up with your posts today, I especially like the deer and grasses in landfill project. All of them I am smiling. Congratulations on your wordpress honor. Carla

  11. Hello, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award

  12. These photographs are ethereal and unearthly. You inhabit the most beautiful world. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. So pretty and masterful, again. I am anxiously awaiting the filters for my new camera. I love using the polarizing one to get deep into the water!!

  14. Oh dear karen! you are at the seaside! I hope you and your darlings have all the right kit with you; stripy beach balls. shuttle-cock rackets and net from the 1920’s, swimming instructions, swimming costumes (knitted?) buckets and spades, hats, sunglasses … and a camera to record some of it at least, so wonderfully! 🙂 xo

  15. Each of the photos you’ve selected to post are lovely. Again, the very simplest ones (nearer to the end of this post) are my favorites. I love how the understated objects press in from outside the frame, and also seem to huddle toward the edges.

  16. Great series of photos. I really like how the horizon seems to vanish into the light. the photos take on an interesting appeal as one cannot tell where the sky and the water meet.

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