76 thoughts on “Cape Breton: Fading Into Blue

  1. Karen, As someone who loves the many shades of blue (my wedding dress was sky blue with lace on top) these are just beautiful. What calming views. So glad your trip went well and that you got to shoot such lovely photos.

  2. Oh, how I love shades of blue! Beautiful photos. Looking forward to seeing more from your trip to the sea.

  3. Beautiful Karen. I’m particularly partial to the second shot; I like the steely tones. The blue tones are nice too. I’ve grown accustomed to a more subtle and limited colour palette owing to the recent winter.

  4. I especially like Dusk2 and Fadingintoblue3, the quality of the water is great. I am suspecting they may be longer exposures, though I can’t tell for sure.

      1. It does depend on the amount of light and the effect you want, it’s fun to experiment with different exposures.
        Example: The top image here was taken at the following settings: 5 sec exposure, f/18, ISO 100.
        The second last exposure was a full 60 seconds, f/13, ISO 100.

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