Architecture On Ice

Can you call this architecture? I’m actually quite intrigued by this community of ice fishing shacks that pops up every year not far from where I live. I’ve never been ice fishing and don’t really have much desire to but as an onlooker I find something visually pleasing about the whole thing. All the various colours, shapes and sizes of the structures and even a trailer thrown in. Each shack a reflection of the owner(s). I wonder if it gets competitive? Surely the fishing does.
I’m going to get brave and move in for some closer shots, but for now this is all I can offer you. Curious?

All images  © Karen McRae

A Snow Canvas

An old and graceful Weeping Willow in the snowfall.

I came across this winter garden when I was out working on an architectural project. Different shapes and forms against a snow canvas. Even grey-furred pussy willows, an early sign of spring!

All images © Karen McRae