A Favourite Place

I am fortunate to live just a short distance from a world class cross country ski area with over 200 km of ski trails. Gatineau Park in Quebec is a gorgeous hilly park with all levels of cross country skiing, you could never get bored there. Of course it doesn’t look like this just yet, but soon I hope! We spend quite a lot of time there skiing in the winter and a bit of time climbing in the summer. These pictures were taken during a previous ski season. I hope we turn white before the holidays!

The park which is 361 square km's is dotted with little cabins equipped with wood burning stoves, you can pop in and warm up or even bring a meal to warm up on the stove.

All images © Karen McRae

19 thoughts on “A Favourite Place

    1. There are a couple of cabins you can stay in overnight (you have to book in advance) and several for day use only.
      I haven’t tried staying overnight yet but it could be really fun!

  1. I love the 4th photograph of the “avenue” though I only like snow to look at… hate having to move about in it so not at all envious Karen ! except of your photographic skills that is 😉

  2. Your photos reminded me the time when I was in my youth.
    ( I was a member of the Japan Alpine Club and the voluntary
    keeper of the shelter some what looks like a cabin in your photo —–
    though, it was in the conifer forest, and walking high up, soon
    the end of the tree line = become bare rocks)
    —– Oh it’s a long time ago.

  3. This looks awesome!!!! I have NEVER seen snow like this in real life!!!! Think I would give my two front teeth to live in a place like that (if only for a year or two…) 🙂 **

  4. I love the snow. And in B&W it looks even more welcoming. Love these shots. The trees look just perfect here. 🙂

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