I admit I had some trepidation about posting these photographs. But I think the subject is beautiful, even in death. A family of  Robins are still occupying our yard. It seems late to me but it appears that the Robins had a late batch of babies and they are still here preparing for the migration. Except this little guy.  I found him yesterday and he had apparently flown into a window. I am a huge lover of birds and they are often a subject of my art (not usually in this way) so I find this little subject sad but compelling. Also, I was driving a couple of weeks ago and a huge bird sideswiped my car and perished. I feel a bit like an unwilling enemy, so this is meant in a loving way. A tribute to nature’s beauty and frailty and to all delicate living creatures. 

All images © Karen McRae


15 thoughts on “goodbye

  1. I agree completely with what you say. It is a sad sombre picture to put up, but you can’t help but marvel at the beauty of these little birds.Lovely pics,bye bye birdy.

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